Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Entertaining but not as many laughs as most Apatow projects.

Question, there is a Mila Kunis flash photo, do you think it is real?

I am tempted to say fake, but as a Euro she is probably cool with nudity. BTW, although Kristen Bell was hot, Mila looked even better.
I personally really liked the movie, or more the message it had. And those are definitely Mila’s little boobies.
Movie was awesome, but the picture was confirmed fake by producers.
it was funny but almost the same exact comedy as knocked up.

I thought the movie was ok, not nearly as funny as Knocked Up and Superbad though.

It’s a photochop, she got to pick the boobs.
How could anyone think that picture was real? Anytime there is a picture like that in a movie, it is going to be fake 99% of the time.

I thought it was a pretty good movie. Very funny at times but not as good as Knocked Up.

Although, I didnt think the lead character and Mila Kunis lacked chemistry at times.
well i thought the pic was fake when i saw it but assumed it was real because how lame is it to photochop something like that?
I thought it was meh, I liked knocked up better and i didn’t like knocked up nearly as much of the other movies by this writing/directing/acting crew.

But it had some alright parts.
I really want to see this, but all my friends already saw it
I spent a lot of this movie thinking how much I hate russell brand. It spoile dit for me – last time I let my mates pick something where I know I can’t stand one of the actors.
By far the best movie of the year so far in my opinion, seen it in theaters 4 times now and it’s still absolutely hilarious.

I personally think he was the best part of the movie.
So, that means you cant go see it? Go by yourself. Its not like movies are a social activity anyway.
If I expect to truly enjoy something I prefer to see it alone first, to be honest.

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