Few questions about Syriana…

Loved the movie, but some of the stuff had me confused. Here it goes:

Who exactly was Bennett, and who was the guy that picked him up in the limo, Don?

When Bennett had the meeting with the Connex CEO (where he refuses the drink), was he ratting out his boss to give the Justice department the 2 convictions they need?

Who was the guy Bennett was talking to on the street and the guy goes on a rant about how corruption keeps the US going?

Who was the guy Bob met in the cafe and threatened to kill his family?

What’s this guy’s connection to Bennett?

Were the new Emir, the US govt, and Connex-Killen all involved in the decision to off Nasir?

Why did Bob try to warn Nasir at the end? And why did "Jimmy" kidnap and torture Bob? Did he just betray him because he had plead allegiance to Nasir?

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