'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'

elizabeth.jpgOne thing I really liked about the original 1998 Elizabeth was how much it resembled The Godfather, even down to the Coppola-style cross-cut editing. In director Shekhar Kapur’s hands, Cate Blanchett’s Tudor queen became a Michael Corleone figure, moving from naivete to ruthless consolidation of power, at the cost of isolating herself from all close emotional ties to any other human being. Now that Kapur and Blanchett have reunited to tell the rest of Elizabeth’s story — the lethal rivalry with Mary Queen of Scots, the all-important war against the Spanish armada — does that mean Elizabeth: The Golden Age will be their Godfather Part II? We can only hope, but this trailer for the sequel (which opens Oct. 12) looks promising. It’s two and a half minutes overstuffed with drama, pageantry, and the always welcome Clive Owen (as a scruffy, roguish Sir Walter Raleigh). Really, what more could you ask?

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