Der Untergang – Downfall

Anyone else seen this movie? It’s the movie about Hitler’s last days

I loved it. When the ruskies were bombing Berlin, the whole movie theater shook
hellll yeah..i saw this movie when it first came out here. great movie is all i can say.
This movie is great. Long, but I never got bored. They did a great job at telling the story from a very unbiased point of view. The cast was entirely unknown to me but I thought they were all excellent. I understand there has been criticism that this movie was sympathetic to Hitler. I agree that they showed some of his redeeming qualities and that he could be a caring person, especially in the eyes of his secretary, but in no way did they forgive his actions.

Downloaded the DVD a couple weeks ago.

It is an epic masterpiece.
Best war movie I’ve ever seen.

It was able to portray the madness and humanity and hypocrisy of war very naturally… much better than the overbearing and overdone movies like Saving Private Ryan and the like.

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