Dan In Real Life

Watched this trailer for the Steve Carell movie coming out "Dan in Real Life"- As a fan of The Office I like to see Carell branching out into a different character.

Thoughts on this trailer? Def. looks like an awesome date movie…

I’m really looking foward to seeing this. It’s looks pretty funny, and I’m a fan of steve carell.

he’ll make up for it with "get smart"

I saw it. It has its funny moments here and there, but it IS kind of a chick flick, lots of love this, kissy that BS.

It is strictly a Lifetime movie.

The commercials tried to sell it as a parenting movie, but it was closer to a secret love triangle.
Yeah, its a chick flick, but a funny one atleast. It is decent ;

I agree that Evan Almighty kinda made him look bad.
I watched this the other day. I wouldnt necessarilly call it a chick flick but rather a good clean family comedy.

It had some witty parts and a decent storyline. Not a great movie but entertaining for anyone looking for a cleaner comedy.
It was odd seeing Dane Cook in his role in the movie.
Over all, I thought it was a pretty good flick.

I cant wait to see Get Smart. I had no idea that the Rock was in it.
wasn’t bad at all. i had a choice of this or no country for old men. i’m glad i picked this one from the reviews i’m seeing for no country. middle part of the movie does get a bit annoying and things could’ve been resolved differently, but it definitely had it’s funny moments.
Dane Cook ruins movies that not even Steve Carell can save.

luckily, Steve Carrel has smartened up by teaming up with Anne Hathaway in his next movie, Get Smart

as for picking dan over no country to watch, you’re missing out man

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