Agneepath (2012) Watch Online / Download – PDVD Rip

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We Need to Talk About Kevin

This is how you sell a movie. Take notes… book was awesome. looking forward to seeing this I can’t wait to see the little Asian-looking kid from City Island who loves fatties murder a bunch of people. Speaking of which…I still need to watch City Island. That’s that one with Andy Garcia, right?


I’ll let the leaked teaser speak for itself: no fucking care. the book was shit. the first movie was shit. this will undoubtedly be shit as well. I just think this trailer looks promising. Plus, Fincher is a good director. Of course, sometimes bad movies have good trailers, and sometimes good directors make poor movies. […]


is a hilarious update to Slap Shot. Apparently based on a true story and full of gore and laughs. Worth checking out. where can I DL this? I checked Kickasstorrents and didn’t see it there.

no avengers thread?

I’m more excited about this than any shit DC release. Oh, so tired of Super/Batman stories. Stop telling them plskthx. Fantastic movie. Can’t wait for it to come out on Blu Ray. I wasn’t planning on paying to see this movie until I read all of the amazing reviews. I was really surprised at how […]


So I’m starting from the beginning. Just picked up season one, watched the first episode… now I have to go back to HMV and buy season 2 and 3. #1stworldproblems then like every other show it starts to slide? eh, the first season after they moved the show to friday nights wasn’t awesome. Then after […]

Netflix problem (PS3)

Netflix for my PS3 doesnt give me the option to select "just for kids". It showed up a few weeks ago but after I turned it off that night it has never come back. Called the support hotline and they told me to uninstall the app, select "disconnect devices" from the webpage and wait 15min […]

TDKR ~ new trailer

I give you all permission to shit your pants. doesnt look bad…for DC I don’t understand the marvel vs dc stuff. Who gives a shit? Chris Nolan, Batman, case closed. And yeah, that trailer does look better than The Avengers. shhhh. it’s ok. nobody fucking cares what you think.

Dirty Launder NSFWish

NSFW Solid. My only criticism is that the gore was a tad over the top. I wish they would make this into a full length feature film. that was GREAT, and love the cinematography Outstanding. Any news on when a new Punisher is coming?

The Rum Diary

Is it just me or does this movie look absolutely nothing like the book? The only good thing I’ve seen in the trailer was the fact that Johnnie Depp is the star, which I don’t mind since he did great in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. However, none of the scenes in the trailer […]