Dark Shadows

Tim Burton directs this big-screen adaptation of the cult gothic-horror TV series (1966-1971). Starring Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Chlo

WWZ the movie

What the hell…based on the book but not? Avoid it. See Exit Humanity instead. It’ll be far better. Hell even the trailer looks better. "based on the book" means it will have zombies and a couple of character names. According to what I’ve read, instead of UN Journalist interviewing survivors of the zombie war, it’s […]

Best 3D blu-rays ?

anyone have 3D yet …what are the best blu-rays, in terms of 3D quality and overall movie rating ? I imagine Avatar is a solid bet for both 3-D awesomeness and movie quality I have 34 of them, reviews can be found here: My favorites: Avatar Avengers Captain America How to Train Your Dragon John […]


Everything except for Goldeneye was garbage I liked them

Netflix crew – Fish Story

Japanese end of the world/comet movie. More comedy with an indy feel w/ Jap punk music. not as bad as it sounds I really liked it

Cabin in the Woods

fuck yeah, go watch this shit. thats my in depth review. anyone else seen it? After reading all of the great reviews this movie got, I’ll probably watch it. I’m still waiting for the spiritual successor to Evil Dead though, I doubt this is it. this is how you review a fucking movie. I watched […]

Lord of the rings or Harry Potter?

I will definitely choose Lord of the rings but i would like to know what is the forum

Anyone watch Strike Back on cinemax?

I just subscribed to Cinemax to check this one out. I’m a few episodes away from being caught up. Its not horrible. it’s not actually bad and quite watchable, saw it on SKYONE last year, and also PROJECT DAWN too, and looking forward to the third one too! oh, the third one is called STRIKE […]

Trying to find name of movie.

Someone posted a trailer a while back. Looked like an indie film, not sure if it’s out yet. The trailer showed some people shooting at each other, army guys I think. Slow mo bullet hitting a guy in the head and blood coming out if I remember. Plot had something to do with the future, […]

Last two movies you saw in theatres?

The Class, Echelon conspiracy. They are both enjoyable. Echelon is like Eagle Eye, but with a low budget. Still enjoyed it far more than Eagle Eye. Some people will hate it, but it was fun. Been tiiiiiime, since I went to a theatre to see a movie. 300 The Prestige Owning a home projector + […]