B To Z Grade Films

The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer is probably my favorite, it’s a criminally bad z grade film about my favorite serial killer.

Red State

Has anyone seen this yet? I’ve loved all Kevin Smith movies except for Jersey Girl, this one is definitely much different from his other works, looks like more of a campy horror flick than the average Kevin Smith comedy. Has anyone seen it? I’m guessing it’s about some crazy religious fucks who take people hostage […]

The Innkeepers

Another Ti West flick with an 80s feel (House of the Devil was badass). Ghost hunters investigating at an old Inn. I’m about 25 minutes in and so far it’s not terrible. Cool set, relaxing cinematography. Warm colours and lighting. Sara Paxton looks A LOT like Martha Plimpton of ‘The Goonies’ fame though and Kelly […]

Shameless is the best fucking show on TV

So I just finished Season 1 last night and the damn writers are genius!!!! I can’t fucking wait for Season 2. I trust you are speaking of the award winning BBC program, sir. Actually I didn’t know there was a BBC version but after watching the American version and liking it so much I will […]

Just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time

Mind = BLOWD I think the black monolith represented a blank slate at each stage of mankind’s evolution. First we conquered the biological, then we discovered tools and the bulk of the movie is about our challenge of conquering tools. (I take issue with the philosophical and historic significance of tools – plenty of other […]

Captain America

was pretty good in a summer full of comic book movies. Lots of action and kind of a cool "Benjamin Buttons" type action on Steve Rogers character. Movies that always leave me wanting more get a big thumbs up from me… Loved it! Great characters. Well cast. Great movie. Loved it!

Surprise surprise tinker tailor soldier spy gets 84% on rotten tomatoes

Another tediously boring piece of shit like a Kings speech I even think there were some of the same actors , I’m not sure cause everybody looks exactly the same another case of the director thinking he’s so smart and ambitious that he has to bore the shit out of everybody and everybody wants to […]

Sequels that surpassed the original

Stealing the ball from Mishimi and running with it here. Not necessarily sequels that surpassed the original, but sequels that kept up with the original… I think it’s safe to say Godfather II at this point. but we could argue that it’s part of a trilogy and not a sequel. though i suppose the same […]

New Spider Man Trailer

It actually looks like it’ll be better than Raimi’s. Will not watch. Enough rebooting shit that nobody gives a fuck about. Well, Garfield will make a better Parker and Spider Man than Maguire. Also, I really like 500 Days of Summer, and the same director made this. 500 days of summer is not a superhero […]

Game Change

I just saw it, good movie, although it seemed quite sensationalized. Sarah Palin was painted as a crazy person and a control freak who not only didn’t know the first thing about national and international politics, but literally only cared about herself and how much attention she could get. John McCain was painted in a […]