Best Heath Ledger Movie-RIP

I like "A Knights Tale" best, but he was always interesting to watch.
"A Knight’s Tale" as well, can’t wait to see his last film tho

No, they’re re-shooting his scenes with Cate Blanchett.
Man, I’m hating the fact we’re having to post these so soon… I would’ve been perfectly happy to wait 50 years

But as for his best… of the ones I’ve seen, I’m going with Ned Kelly, The Patriot and Brokeback Mountain
Eagerly waiting for Batman II.
The movie was wrapped up in November so it will hopefully be a great tribute to Heath.
He was great in A Knight’s Tale and of course The Patriot. I’m also looking forward to Batman. It’s just so sad!

That movie was absolutely terrible but he did a good job in it.
I wonder if his role as the joker played a part in his death. I think that by being the joker, he was so emotionally drained that he committed suicide (even though it’s not determined that this is the case).
I read that he was disturbed by the character, it bothered him.
accidental overdose he was on too many meds and mixed them it had nothing to do with being the joker… he loved being this character if you read or watch his interviews
I really wouldnt call Monster’s Ball a Heath Ledger movie. His appearance in that movie was very brief.

Anyone who thinks his role of the Joker has anything to do with his death/suicide/whatever is retarded.
11 Things I Hate About You..

oh wait.

wtf? he was in it for half the damn movie. and his death in the movie had a tremendous fucking effect on billy bob.

Its been awhile but from I remember he killed himself 30 minutes into the movie and it was nearly a two hour movie.
I can’t wait to see him in The Dark Knight. Judging from the previews he looks outstanding. Plus it’s his last movie so I’m sure it’s gonna be big

i second that

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