Anyone see Knocked Up yet?

I am really stoked for this movie. Gonna check it out this weekend – anyone see it yet?

It’s been getting really great reviews – even liked it and they don’t like anything.

Judd Apatow wrote/directed it and has most of the crew from The 40 Year Old Virgin in it. That’s one of those movies that I’ve seen a hundred times and it’s still funny…I guess this is right up that alley and some have even said it’s better! I’m definitely pumped.

Any OT reviews?
I hear it’s amazing, one of the few movies I’m looking forward to seeing. Pirates disappointed.
It comes out on June 1st….how could anyone have seen it yet?

Press Screenings


(I go to a lot of them, unfortunately I couldnt make it to this one so I have to wait…)
As someone who never wanted kids, the movie scares me to death, but because of Apatow, I will see it.
It should be pretty good even if the premise isn’t great- two guys from Freaks & Geeks together and Paul Rudd with Seth Rogan ala Forty-Year Old Virgin is bound to deliver a few laughs.

Apatow is a great. I loved 40 year-old virgin as well as Talladega Nights. And speaking of kids, lets hope no ones EVER turns out like this:

I want to see it. But I have to say I am bit surprised that it has gotten so many good reviews…the previews didn’t look so hot.
It is a great movie for those who like to get stoned or do mushrooms.
Anyone ever live in a place like their bachelor pad?
I didn’t live in a place like that, but would hang out there. Sometimes the smoke was so bad you couldn’t see across the room.

I remember places like that. You could get a contact high just being there!
I love Katherine Heigl, so no matter what the reviews I would go see it just for her.
I can’t even begin to tell you how fucking hilarious this movie was. Better and more realistic than any comedy I’ve seen in a long long time.
It was a really great movie, I agree with beer, go see it.
best movie ive seen in a long time. i fucking love apatow and rogen together
hm, looks like everyone enjoyed it. guess ill go watch it.
That movie fucking kicked ass. I haven’t seen a comedy that funny in years, by far my favorite comedy of 2007, maybe my favorite movie. Top 3 definitely.
i saw it today.. wasnt as funny as people said it was but it was still pretty good.

Great themes and values. Positive motives for growing up.

Digusting vagina shot.
The part with the bouncer had me laughing for hours. I’m usually not a fan of in your face comedy, I normally like something drier but this and 40 Year Old Virgin are the top!
movie was fantastic, had me laughing a hell of a lot more then usual

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