American Teen

This is gonna be a GREAT doc, can’t wait til it’s out. I loved GO TIGERS and HOOP DREAMS, I’m really hoping to add AMERICAN TEEN to the list of insightful and moving high school documentaries. It blew up at Sundance, and the trailer looks really solid:

Any other good high school docs I’m missing on that list?
I never saw 1968’s ‘High School,’ but it’s gotten some good reviews, and what a year to be capturing the youth in America, such a pivotal time. I gotta check that one out.

In the meantime, I found more great stuff on American Teen–they went to town with their facebook application, really made the most of it:

Loads of great info on Sundance, other special screenings and reviews, great detail on the soundtrack and its bands (which sounds KILLER–they’ve got that group MGMT on there, I think their stuff is brilliant), and a fun application where you can find out what ‘type’ you were in high school–rebel, jock, princess…no surprises, it turns out I was a geek.

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