Alternative I Am Legend ending!!!!!!

Hell of an ending, would of made the film 200 times better
They only put it in because they think they can make more money from a sequel
Watched this version on the dvd last night. I liked this version a lot more.
I thought it sucked. It was too happy and typical of Hollywood. I just watched it for the first time tonight and then watched the 2nd ending. Neville’s character stated that the infected have lost all human traits, which was seen during the entire movie…until the alternate ending. Now, all of a sudden they have human traits and show emotion at the end? I didn’t really like the original ending, that much…but thought it was better than the alternate. The colony safe colony at the end was a bit too Hollywood….but I dunno. The more I think about…the more I’m unsure. Mabye I’ll have to watch both again.

well the alternative has more of a emotional impact than the original which makes it seem so much better even if it doesnt make sense
Doesn’t save this movie. It was still a poor movie overall. 5/10 at best. The theatrical ending was probably one of the worst movie endings ever.

the alt ending basically says that he was wrong about them. they do have human traits still and a sense of community with a leader. the girl he captured is the leaders wife/girlfriend/whatever and thats why hes pissed at neville and come after him.
I thought the alt ending was better then the movie one, would have made more sense since they’re already talking sequel.
That was far better than the theater version. I dont know what would possess them to choose that over this one.
i liked this one more, sure it was more emotional but then it also showed that maybe will smiff isn’t perfect, he didnt have all the info. sure it sucks to see your human race fall to hell but you arn’t necessarily the savior at a certain point.
while it was a great concept, the book was too damn boring i thought. i prefer the movie with either ending to the book way more

the book ending was so much better
the ending was fine, but the rest of the book was damn boring

Agreed. From the middle of the second act onwards, it got progressively worse.
You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. I was all pumped to see this ending, even more so after all your “it’s so much better” comments.

The original ending in theaters was ridiuclous enough…but that alternate ending was fucking garbage. I don’t care if it sticks truer to the book or shows that the “vampires” have more human qualities…Total bullshit. I just wasted 8 minutes.

the movie does hint that they have some human traits and that he is wrong about them.

in the movie they trick him w. the manaquine (sp?), and it is also obvious when he initially captures the female vampire that the lead vampire has some sort of feelings for her.

i explained this to the people i saw the movie w. and they thoughts i was an idiot for thinking that she was the lead vamp’s gf…. guess they were wrong.
MUCH fuckin better ending. I actually thought something along the lines of this would be what was going to happen. They were hinting at some higher level communication between the monsters and that the main one had some kind of motivation for his hatred of Nevelle. And the author struck it on the head when he said it was chilling when nevelle walked next to the monsters. As far as I know, this is the movies ending I want.
spoilers below,,,,obviously

that ending blows. if he told me to open that door i’d have told him to fuck himself and so would she. that entire thing was fucking gay. i loved the fact that they killed him off in the ending they used, this ending is fucking stupid – oh here’s your girlfriend mr infected guy oh now yall gonna leave and not eat me, cool thanks have a nice day, i’m gonna go drive off to the countryside now yay, GAY
Too happy of an ending, which was worse than the original.
i haven’t read the book and the guys brief explanation as to why he was “legendary,” was a bit different than what i thinking.

I liked the theatrical ending because to me for someone to become legendary, death is almost a prerequisite. Otherwise one can’t reach that sort of status.

I dunno my explanation makes more sense in my head. Wonder if anyone else understood what i was trying to say?!?
I don’t like the alternate ending either too soft, but Will Smith dying dang that’s just wrong , can’t believe he agreed to that scene.

I was more like, throw the grenade, then both hide in that small bunker,everything going kaboom, and then both head out to save humanity.

Its interesting to see how they didn’t like the ending script tho, what a suprise this movie gave by blowing up their main character.

Alternate ending sucks, the original ending sucked. The movie sucked in general except for the first 30-40 minutes. They should’ve just stayed true to the book and the title “I Am Legend” would’ve had more meaning then.

The movie made it pretty obvious he was wrong about them losing human traits. When he captured the woman with his trap the guy didn’t expose himself to the sun because brain functions were degrading, it was because he was pissed at him for taking his woman. They set the foot trap with the dummy in the street. When he was on the pier in his car upsidedown the infected guy looks at him as he’s crawling into the window instead of attacking immediately. Then at the end when the same infected guy walks in and throws everyone else aside and they all watch as he breaks through the glass.

I haven’t watched the alternate ending yet. Gonna have to do that.
Couple of things
1. That lead zombie dude has a wicked hard head.
2. Eww , Zombie girlfriend
3. I thought the original ending was more intense but the alternate finished the movie better.

Thanks for posting, I rented the DVD and then forgot to watch the AE.
I thought the movie was pretty dumb in general, so what happened there with that mannequin scene, did they set that trap up for him, or did he set it up, and just go crazy from no social contact and forget he did it? Also that fucking lead vampire at the end, i don’t get how his face doesn’t just shatter from trying to break that glass. So does the virus just randomly give them super human strength and metal bones? WTF
The more I think about this I just cant believe they didnt use the alternative ending. It made the movie make a lot more sense.
I would’ve just been entertained if the whole movie was about Will Smith surviving NYC all alone.
I don’t think either ending really works for the film. From what I could tell, the whole theme was about Smith’s isolation and such. In order for an ending to feel satisfying, you should deal with the theme the entire movie has been focused on.

Instead, the original ending has him getting some vauge revelation about saving mankind by unneccessarily sacrificing himself. The alternate ending has the monsters being more noble than Smith thought and takes on a “don’t judge” kind of vibe. Never mind the fact that they killed the whole planet.

The climaxed should have resolved Smith’s isolation. Through some twist, leave him forever alone (a down ending) or have him conquer his isolation somehow (an up ending). Perhaps the original could be seen as an odd up ending with Smith redeeming his isolation by saving humanity, but it just didn’t work for me.
Watched this on the DVD the other day. I like this ending better than the original.
That ending was horrible!! I can’t believed you guys liked it!

I read that’s why they went with the theatrical ending over the alternate…they felt he had to die to become a legend.

I hear ya, but in both version the infected lay that trap for fresh prince and move his manikin buddy as bait, would that not be a human trait ??

I found both versions to be a real let down, to much use of computer graphics when people could have been used. Not one of my choices for something to watch.
i wish they stuck to the ending in the book. The way the ending took place in the book was such a cool concept on the “i am legend” phrase. I loved the movie, but was so disappointed in the ending. Stick to the damn book! The ending was probably the coolest thing about it.

Book ending wouldn’t of worked with a theatrical release, unfortunately.
Definately a better ending, but I still see no point to them introducing the two new characters. The story didnt need that at all and it wouldve been more interesting to see Nevelle try to conquer his immense feeling of isolation without simply solving it with some new people coming out of nowhere.
If they wanted a sequal so bad I don’t really care, but the whole point of the book was for the man to be alone in the world, to be the outsider. I wodul have also liked if the alternative ending was the book ending.
They should’ve done all of that, but then have the leader zombie/vampire guy see the polaroids of all the other zombie/vampire guys neville had tested on and then have the leader guy freak out and kill neville.

That would’ve worked.

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