After a few days of thought, Kill Bill is still one if not THE BEST movie I've seen..

…in the last 3-4 years. I still can’t believe how good it was, going to see it again tonight
I think Tarantino could have done better, but it was a pretty good movie overall.
I’m still in disbelief
Speaking just about Tarantino movies that I’ve seen (Resevoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction) it wasn’t as ‘full’ I guess as the others. But when speaking of that movie compared to all others besides his,
The best movie you have ever seen?

Kill Bill didn’t crack my top 10 much less top 50
I watch good movies, bia. I’ve seen countless movies and I’m real quick to hate a movie for one reason or another. Quentin = genius.
that part made me cringe.
I’ll bet most of the movies you’ve seen aren’t very good. Seen many from this list: ?
see but i’m of the opinion that

1> not the best Quentin movie

2> not the best movie from the Genre

you have to be able to name at least 5 movies you’ve seen that are better than that…
but most of those are weak.

Pulp Fiction, Memento, Resevoir Dogs, Fight Club, Requiem For A Dream, Donnie Darko, American History X, The Score, and many others that I’ve seen >>>>>> Gone With The Wind.
that’s what i’m saying… Kill Bill I wouldn’t put ahead of any in the top 100, maybe 200 on that list.
anyone who has an opinion without seeing it in the theater is cheating themselves
I mean my opinion sways. I loved it and its a great movie and its rare for me to say that about a movie. I have to be completely WOWED in order to like a movie. Example: memento.
You watch a different kind of movie.
Most of those are weak? you have no taste then
Don’t get the wrong idea and think I’m bashing the movies in that list or anything. They’re mostly classics and are great productions but I need something to catch my eye.
I take that back, read my previous post
but I stand by those movies being > gone with the wind.
I’m more of a modern movie goer I suppose. I need shit like badass quotables, wierd camera angles and a soundtrack that rocks your ass.
as in you enjoyed then more…. but in the grand scope of movies, they aren’t

I mean I enjoyed watching Jackass the movie more than Gone with the Wind, but by far it’s not a better movie.
It’s hard to do a comparo because they’re on such different scales. I just go by what I enjoy more and try and classify those as good as I can.
yea it’s hard to argue with that. I like Korn more than barry manalow, but obviously we all know Korn is MUCH better musically than that old guy.

Agreed, sans the part about korn though

was just making the same point

but yea, did you notice Pulp Fiction barely cracked the top 100 in that list?

I’ve seen 9/10 on the top 10, and all 9 are some of the best movies i’ve seen, now that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy other movies moreso than them, but from a film perspective, that top 10 is unmatched.

I’m only 6 years older than you
Justify why movies like Resevoir Dogs, Memento and especially Fight Club are not on the list.
Well, I would imagine that if you sit those movies next to those on the bottom of the list they just dont stand up.

Pulp Fiction at 95, same genre of movie, are those movies better than pulp fiction? i wouldn’t say they were.

Movies also in the 90’s?

98 Unforgiven 1992

94 Goodfellas 1990

84 Fargo 1996

I can honestly say that I thought the 3 movies on that list were better made than the 3 you name. As in story line / characters / etcetc. I also enjoyed them more.

and it’s also the difference between a “cult classic” movie <breakfast club etcetc>, and movies that go down in history of movies as classics.
Kill bill was ok, hardly one of the best in the last 4 years.
Tarantino is not the best continuity expert but he is the master of the soundtrack! His obscure picks totally blow other directors out of the water.
Some movies are classics that I respect for their great art even if I don’t like them all that much.

Many of the older movies I put in this category, while groundbreaking, they come up short nowdays.

it seems that you are under the influence that tarentino has a good reputation with his past movies so you judge kill bill as one of the best movies you have ever seen, the truth is it was garbage, and i must say i loved pulp fiction and resevoir dogs, but kill bill dissapointed me.

i have to agree with you. if you ignore the hype, get off the bandwagon, and see kill bill as just another movie…well, sure, it has fancy production and some artsy-type shit here and there, but all in all it was just another extremely violent movie with a very VERY weak plot and NO memorable dialouge. all in all i’d call it average at best. the only thing it has going for it is tarentino’s “style”, which is overdone in kill bill if you ask me.
Kill bill sucked. Of course no one will agree with me, but that’s just what I thought

I thought Kill Bill sucked ass with a vengeance.

Too gimmicky and over-the-top, even for Tarantino.

That whole anime section was completely out of place, and made it worse. The fountains of blood were funny for the first two or three. After that, it just got gay.
Why did you bump a 5 year old thread? Did you search for the movie Kill Bill?
Since someone else bumped it… I did not like the movie, though I did see Kill Bill 2, anyways. Didn’t like it either.

I think both cemented QT’s status as a shit director. He topped out at 4 Rooms.

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