Aeon Flux?

Is it any good? I want it to be good, but I am highly doubtful since it wasn’t screened before critics.
I’m also wondering if its a good movie to see. The plot and visual effects from the trailer looked good.
Charlize Theron was miscast. Don’t get me wrong, Charlize is hot, but Aeon Flux was hot in a weird, undernourished way. Someone like Joleen Blalock or even a younger Lara Flynn Boyle would have been a better choice.
what a letdown .. it was horrible

and short too

awful movie, if you are in any way interested in this movie due to the animated aeon flux you should pass on this because you will be disappointed
you people actually expected this movie to have a single ounce of goodness

I haven’t seen it, she just looks completely out of place in the commercials
yeah I’m pretty sure problem #1 is that it isn’t a cartoon. 2 seconds into the previews you can write it off as another catwoman if you have any hint of common sense.
Another Catwoman? Well I guess there’s only one way to go from there…

what a letdown .. it was horrible

and short too

sweet, good thing i turned down my offer to watch this movie today

now a full-length animation…that could be class
was no way in hell they could make a movie as good at the cartoon, so if you liked te cartoon, dont see the movie.
the series wasn’t even that good. it’s all about the short films!

no dialog > *
I’m going to end up wanting to see this, but I’ll wait for DVD. Catwoman was so bad though I didn’t even make it through. Is it THAT bad?
what a piece of crap this movie was. do NOT waste your time/money.
I don’t get how Charlize could go from Monster to Aeon Flux…just doesn’t seem like the logical move.

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