30 Days Of Night

Holy crap, how did this movie end up sucking so bad?

I was so looking forward to this movie, and it was fail all the way. The acting was horrible, the characters acted like morons, and the “vampires” were not even enough to salvage it.

Makes me .
you are correct sir

movie was fucking terrible in about every way, it’s so easy to make vampires cool i just dont’ understand how movies keep missing the mark and making shitty vampire movies.

this movie ate complete shit
Glad to see I’m not the only one.

I really don’t see how you fuck up a vampire movie, you would think they write themselves. The Alaska setting was an interesting place, and the look the vampires had were pretty good too. Then the actors opened their mouths, and it was all downhill from there.
it’s like they came up with a great idea for these vamps to come into this town then they just quit and wrote shit dialog and allowed shit acting and the entire thing just went to hell.

They don’t mention how the vampires got there, or where they went as soon as the sun came up. In the beginning, it says they’re 60 miles from anywhere, so I would love to know how that happened.

The ending was a complete joke, and when they’re sitting there waiting for the sun to come up, that was straight out of Blade (part 2, I think).

The movie is actually made after a comic book that was successful.

I don’t remember if they mention the where the vampires are coming from but that’s basically irrelevant because in the comic book, they disappear because of the sun anyway.

The reason why the vampires went to Alaska is because then they wouldn’t have the burden of sleeping while the sun came up and etc… and after their vampire elder (or whatever) found out, he went to Alaska to try and stop them from the feeding because he still wanted vampires and what they are/do/etc… a secret. Of course, the Sheriff kills him and some others, and then the sun comes up and he dies too.

The story progresses to the Sheriff’s wife (Stella) going to LA and hanging out with the vampire groups there. There she learns how and what she needs to do to resurrect her dead husband (the sheriff who turned into a vampire). At the end, she made a deal with the vampire but double crosses the vampire before her husband’s resurrection. Of course, she forgets that he’s still a Vampire and so on and so forth.

There’s more to the story and it’s pretty interesting. The comic made a lot more sense then the movie.
I didn’t even know it was a comic first until I saw Dark Horse on the opening credits.

Maybe I’ll check that out. Is it an ongoing series, or a mini-series/trade paperback?

Werd. There was so many plot holes that the script probably looked like swiss cheese
so much potential, and so much fail

I love vampire movies, and i love B graders, this unfortunately still couldn’t make me love this film

I don’t believe it’s an ongoing series anymore. It first started out as a mini-series (I believe there were 3 original comics to this) but because it sold pretty well, they decided to do a few more.

I think there’s only like about 12 (maximum) in total. I know it’s not a long series, that’s for sure, but the comic series is a lot better then the movie itself.
i know its an old thread but i just saw it last night.

theres a part in the movie where the vamp leader is kneeling next to a big boat. i assume thats how they got there.

does it really matter where the remaining vamps went? obviously they went into hiding.

i found the movie entertaining. however, the ending completely ruined the movie for me. he shouldve simply went out, sacrificed himself to allow the wife to run. the whole turning himself, killing the vamp leader, and dawn scene SUCKED!

Vampires would be badass if the goths would stop fucking them up.

pretty disapointed that i bought it without seeing it first

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