B To Z Grade Films

The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer is probably my favorite, it’s a criminally bad z grade film about my favorite serial killer.

I just saw Super for the first time

SUPER It’s sort of like Kick-Ass or Defendor in so far as it is about some average joe trying to be a super hero. I was really surprised at how much I liked it. I found it to be both darker and have more heart than either of the aforementioned movies. And while the Hit-Girl […]

Red State

Has anyone seen this yet? I’ve loved all Kevin Smith movies except for Jersey Girl, this one is definitely much different from his other works, looks like more of a campy horror flick than the average Kevin Smith comedy. Has anyone seen it? I’m guessing it’s about some crazy religious fucks who take people hostage […]

Han shoots first.

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Dumber and dumber like movie

Fucking movie is awesome, its so ridiculous through the whole movie, subtitled movie for those who care. You can stream it here

The Innkeepers

Another Ti West flick with an 80s feel (House of the Devil was badass). Ghost hunters investigating at an old Inn. I’m about 25 minutes in and so far it’s not terrible. Cool set, relaxing cinematography. Warm colours and lighting. Sara Paxton looks A LOT like Martha Plimpton of ‘The Goonies’ fame though and Kelly […]