The Ides of March

Has anyone seen this? I’m about to take a trip to my local Redbox and it’s been a while since I’ve seen a good political thriller. I have generally been craving a smart movie lately that instills thought in the viewer, it’s either going to be this or Apollo 18, and Apollo 18 looks pretty […]

Shameless is the best fucking show on TV

So I just finished Season 1 last night and the damn writers are genius!!!! I can’t fucking wait for Season 2. I trust you are speaking of the award winning BBC program, sir. Actually I didn’t know there was a BBC version but after watching the American version and liking it so much I will […]

DRIVE (2011)

I’ve been looking forward to this one, and now it finally has a trailer: Keep your eye on this one. It’s coming soon. RT score is 95% at the moment, with an average score of 8.8/10. IMDB has it at 8.8/10 as well. Wow… Just finished seeing this a couple hours ago. Instant classic. Go […]

The Green Lantern

The racecar scene. That about sums up the movie. ive been keeping my eye on this on rotten tomatoes, since im a fan of the comics. Things do not look promising. Race car scene was completely ridiculous…. Whole movie was just retarded. Spoiler Alert**** (even though I can’t spoil an already spoiled movie) During the […]


The Wave

Just watched it on Netflix. German movie based on actual events at a Palo Alto high school in 1967. (Movie ending didn’t follow the real-life events though). Teacher wants to teach the class about fascism, so he essentially turns the class into a fascist state over the course of 1 week. Kids take to the […]