I am so looking forward to this TV series. It looks interesting. I want to see what it’s like to live without power for many years and the effects it has on society. Revolution starts in an hour and ten minutes. So looking forward to it. First episode was good. Looking forward to the next […]

If they make a remake of Highlander…

If they make a remake of Highlander I would like Thomas Jane from The Punisher to play the new MacCleod. He looks very similar to Christopher Lambert who is the original Highlander. Hasn’t it already been confirmed that they’re making a new Highlander? I don’t recall who got the part but I’m pretty sure it […]

I’m looking forward to Silent Hill: Revelation

That movie looks sweet. I especially like the scenes in the commercial of Pyramid Head. I just watched Silent Hill a few days ago. Did not like it. While the Silent Hill movies are okay, they are no match for the Silent Hill video games. The Silent Hill games have much better character development and […]

A new appreciation for Breaking bad….

Seems like a ton of people are just now finding the show. Count me in. I was reading the wikipedia page on it and I came across this gem: [25] Mitte stated he had to regress from his therapy to portray the character, staying up late into the night to slur his speech and learned […]

While the Resident Evil movies are okay…

While the Resident Evil movies are okay, they are no match for the Resident Evil video games. The Resident Evil games have much better character development and a much more in-depth plot than the movies. . Resident Evil: Retribution was alright. I give it a 7/10.

Asian Entertainment Thread v.freshnclean

reserved. hopefully we can take shit back to old AC days what in the fuck. there’s already an anime/manga forum isn’t here? go there. this isn’t for anime. its for asian shows/movies/music you followed the steps of takeshi kaneshiro, listened to the voice of SMAP, and smelled the scent of UETO’s snatch I wouldn’t even […]

Snow white and the Huntsman

meh… wasn’t expecting much though… If the movie had more troll fights. It would have been decent. troll fights can make any movie better i didn’t mind it… but i also really really liked The Runaways… i really like kristen stewart. I can’t stand her. Maybe if she showed some fucking emotion besides "constipation". Seriously. […]

Watched Lawless

I liked it, now I gotta get a tommy gun… not really but good movie. Gotta love moonshine. I need to check this out. I slack on my movie watching as of late. Me too. I have a copy of it. you can borrow it. Hopefully I can watch it while the puppah sleeping because […]


GET READY TO BE BLOWN AWAY the first teaser trailers for this, and my god it looks amazingballs ….. and this one has EXTRA FOOTAGE at the end of it ….. and it is a DOOZIE!!!!! don’t click because it might be a MASSIVE kinda SPOILER as for THE BADDIE ….. GET READY TO BE […]

the "Club"

This website is the only official website of the New England Patriots and is &copy,; Copyright New England Patriots (the "Club"). Commercial reproduction, distribution or transmission of any part or parts of this website or any information contained therein by any means whatsoever without the prior written permission of the Club is not permitted. Read […]