Ben Affleck Denies Justice League Rumors

I was hoping this was true.

Most disturbing movie you’ve ever seen?

Main stream only. Mine: Bad Lieutenant Leaving Las Vegas Awakenings Each one a head fuck in it’s own little way. Inside. The french film. Most disturbing film ever made. Police Academy 4: citizens on patrol Operation Dumbo Drop Requim for a Dream (maybe, i dont really find movies disturbing anyway) Henry: Portrait of a Serial […]

Hunger Games

Is a great adaptation of the novel. Gritty, pretty gory for a PG flick. Lots of action and very well cast. I did not really like Woody Harrelson as Haymitch but overall the movie was great. I thought Sutherland would be better as Haymitch. I always pictured an OLD grumpy guy When I read the […]

Black Swan

Best movie out right now and just really good all around. Go see it, fuckers! Going to take my g/f to see it this weekend. Excellent movie. A lot of people I know that have seen it thought it sucked, but I personally loved it. Can’t wait for Blu Ray so I can watch it […]

Alice is back!

And… She is indeed back, but I like Carlos Olivera better. Here is a Comic-Con interview with Oded Fehr, the actor who plays Carlos Olivera. Comic-Con 2012: Oded Fehr on RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION

This is who should play Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid Movie

Sean Bean should play Liquid Snake. And if someone says he is too old, then we can always say he had the same terminator genes as Solid Snake which made him age more. I’m sorry. I don’t get it. While the Metal Gear Solid Movies will be okay…

NCIS: Los Angeles was badass tonight

Having Christopher Lambert from Highlander in the past 3 episodes was a plus as well. The show is kicking ass. I stopped watching NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles due to the seasons ending, but ever since the new season started I started watching again. NCIS: Los Angeles is awesome and LL Cool J and Chris […]

Scariest movie scene of all time

From Mothman Prophecies: Conversation with Indrid Cold

Let Me In

Saw this movie over the weekend and liked it. Not your typical horror film, more of a psychological than a gore-fest, although there is some realistic gore if you want that too. It is more about how would a high school freshman react if a cute non-sparkly vampire moved in next door. A unglamorous portrait […]

Help name the movie? v.Almost impossible as i barely remember it myself.

Just gonna put this here in case by some slim chance someone here as seen this movie before. I was pretty stoned and it was years ago so ill just put down whatever I can remember. – Watched in the late 90s on SBS. – Animated (as in cartoon, not 3D) – I remember it […]