Matrix > *

Possibly the only movie I’ll see in theatres this year (I don’t get out much). yeah. I see only a few movies a year. Matrix reloaded will be on that list this year. Along with T3 because arnold can nevar lose! I downloaded the full theatrical trailer today… Looks pretty awesome I don’t know, X-Men […]

Super Bowl ad slots almost sold out Nation world Business Detroit

CBS has two 30-second Super Bowl ad slots left to sell — and those could be gone at any moment, says John Bogusz, executive vice president of sports sales."We’re very, very close to being sold out," says Bogusz. What’s more, he assures, with record rates of up to $3.8 million per 30-second slot,, CBS will […]

Libreta de apuntes del lunes Igualar la Intensidad de Baltimore

Robinson , atrapando cuatro pases para 53 yardas en cuatro partidos. El novato dedicó la mayor parte de la temporada regular jugando con el escuadrón de práctica de los Cardenales de Arizona. TECNICA DE BAILEY FACTOR CLAVEEl esquinero , junto con el tacle , fue el lunes.“Ellos juegan con un gran nivel de confianza,, pero […]

The Fuck On.

this thead is the best. phosho i watched the other guys last night. i laughed. it was loltastic. better than i thought it would be. I watched Troll 2. It is awesomely horrible. Pretty epic lulz surround this movie. i’m thinking today would be a good day to watch Spaced again. cliffs?