Aeon Flux?

Is it any good? I want it to be good, but I am highly doubtful since it wasn’t screened before critics.I’m also wondering if its a good movie to see. The plot and visual effects from the trailer looked good.Charlize Theron was miscast. Don’t get me wrong, Charlize is hot, but Aeon Flux was hot […]

When a Stranger Calls

they are making a remake. Feb 3rd What do you think? Camilla Belle hot chick but holly wood needs to stop with the remakes.A hot chick doesn’t make up for a shitty movie. In my opinion, for a serious, non-romantic movies (where the fact that the girl is so hot is often a main point […]

The Fountain – teaser

teaser: IMDB link: Here’s to hoping this movie gets released this year.

Memoirs of a Geisha: The Movie

Is anyone else as excited as me for this one to come out? The book was so beautiful, I can’t wait to actually see the costumes and the scenery. December is too far away!A lot of times, I’m dissappointed of movies that are based off of books that I’ve read because they change so many […]