The Interpreter

okay, has anyone else seen this? i just caught it on ondemand this weekend and gotta say i was pretty disappointed. it wasn’t terrible, but it just wasnt the movie i would expect from a nicole kidman/sean penn collab….just watched it last night. I found it hard to follow, partly because I can’t increase my […]

All Souls Day

Any other fan of this movie out there?? i’ve watched it again, alst weekend on dvd. And, hell…this is an awesome movie It’s basically horror, All Souls Days (Dia de los muertos) is the mexican holiday to celebrate dead people, so, it’s a date to inspire lots of movies like this one :, isn’t?I thought […]

Silent Hill

Its coming out this spring, directed by Christophe Gans. Never heard of him, but the trailer looks incredible! I also love how theyre using the orignal game music for the movie. Thank god uwe boll diddnt get his mitts on this one. Link to trailer. yahoo! can’t do any justice to this trailer. i saw […]

Flight 93…the movie

A movie about the plane that went down in PA on 9/11…should be intresting. Do you think that this is too soon though?