Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I have a paper to write by midnight tonight , a review for this movie. I have seen it and I like it. I thought it was an easy mix of action and romance, however I would like to get others opinions?? Please help! I loved the tributes to other movies in it. The fight […]

how many in online DVD queue?

How many of you have an online movie subscription? If so, How many in your queue? 181 here for blockbuster…45 on Netflix. It used to be up around 150, and we trimmed it down a lot. 230 on Netflix. I don’t think it’ll ever go back to 0.had like 200 on my netflix queue a […]

medics at hostel?

did they really have to call the medics for the people who saw hostel? i dont belive that i mean come on its just a movie lollo … im going to see it tonight i think..Maybe someone tripped on their way in and broke their foot? That’s not a bad idea. I’ll make a horror […]

Grandma’s Boy

Hilarious movie… You’ll appreciate it especially if you’re a video game fanatic. I recommend it if you’re in the mood for comedyi know i’m an "av-less noob"… but does anyone remember my review of this movie about a month ago? i thought it was gonna fucking blow but i give this movie 2 thumbs up, […]

Fun W/ Dick & Jane

Fun movie, best when Jim Carrey is out of control. My favorite part is when Migra thinks he is an illegal and he has to sneak back across the border. I give it a "B".grade: B. my expectation was low. it was actually pretty funny. best part for me is when their kid starts yelling […]


Looks pretty good in the trailer but the reviews have been mixed. I think I will still go see it.Let us know how it is I’ve wanted to watch it with gf since the trailer hit, but I’d like a lil more info before I shell out 40 bucks. Now that I think about it. […]

Miami Vice trailer

It looks cheezy from the trailer, but then you realize it’s directed by Michael Mann. Don Johnson > * j/k roofles Anyway, seems interesting, might be worth seeing.Will go see that for sure ! Looks good. I fucking loved the TV series, and will probably enjoy the film. took the words right out of my […]

Red Eye

I rented the movie today and watched it…It was OK…im glad i rented it though…pretty predictable film that’s what i tought also, the girl is kinda hot, the guy is crazy after seeing batman begins….it was an alright movie.I watched that movie for the first and last time today.

Wedding Crashers

Unrated vs. Theatrical What are the differences here? I never saw the theatrical but I question how it was that much worse than the original. Wasn’t a super large amount of nudity or anything, nothing too extreme. Anyone know? or is the unrated material found in the deleted scenes?Putting the unrated label on a DVD […]

Movie Graveyard Months

I hate January & February, only crappy movies the studios are dumping and Oscar bores. Look what is coming out this week.. Annapolis (Officer & Gentleman II) Big Momma II (Did anyone ask for this sequel?) Nanny McPhee????????? Hollywoood should realize Winter is when they should release the blockbusters because people don’t want to do […]