Terry Bradshaw in a movie

He’s also in Cannonball Run. Or maybe it was part 2. One of them. i think he was in part 1, as well as smokey and the bandit 2 and a whole bunch of random cameos on TV shows like Married with Children and Malcom in the Middle. oh, here’s the


is the shit. starts again sunday. I’m looking forward to it.Anyone watch last night? Second season got off to a solid start. I like the twist with Vince.its on HBO .. and its basically about a group of friends where one of them is the new hot actor .. and they basically leech off of […]


Too long, and not enough humour. Plus woody allen has already done this film. On the plus side, Scarlett Johnasen was very hot in this movie. Makes you understand why a guy would risk everything to have sex with her.

Blood Rayne?

Anyone else interested in this movie? It has the hottie from Terminator III as a half human/half vampire who likes humans. (Blade IV?) I will give it a chance unless the reviews really suck.Uwe Boll directed it. I will only see this movie totally plastered.Uwe Boll directed it!? … Will that man ever stop? Doesn’t […]


anybody seen it yet? I think I will check it out Friday. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 70%. Annapolis got a 6%It was alright. Expected different so I guess I was a little put off. I would have liked it more if I had have no expectations. My brother liked it as well which was […]

Two for the Money

great movie. I was expecting Pacino to flip out at the end and kill everyone but didn’t happen. Mathew played a good part. Nice twist at the end.

Underworld 2

Just found out they’re making a sequel…. Yes, I’m a fan of Underworld. How could you say no to Kate Beckinsale in a full body leather suit? Trailer Found! Looks good to me, I love action!I saw the trailer…and I think I’ll probably see this.saw the trailer the other day at doom ( ), can’t […]

DVD players

I was given a task of finding a region free DVD player that will also play DiVX. I was going to post this in the gadgets forum but it seems like it’s the cellphone/Ipod forum now and I figured people would know more about DVD stuff here than there. Price range is around $300 but […]

public domain

Plan 9 From Outer Space Reefer Madness Night of The Living Dead By george Romero considered a zombie classic I just went to google video and typed in public domain and these movies are available to be seen in there entirety

Best War Movie

Can’t decide if its: ‘The Longest Day’ ‘Saving Private Ryan’ ‘Black Hawk Down’ any others? Tears of the Sun was a great movie for squad dynamics and Band of Brothers was an incredible miniseries, but what about movies?I am not sure which one would be best. I think We Were Soldiers with Mel Gibson should […]