fast and furious 3 spy pics

Haha…I only see these movies for the cars because the acting is just so damn terrible!what the fuck…..lame whole movie is about drifting in japanOh my god, are they really trying to sooth over the ricer boys hurt feelings by putting an Import engine in a old school Mustang Fast back?

Batman Begins Sequel

Anyone else feel like me? The first time I saw Batman Begins, I thought, "I hope they redo the whole series, cause this one fuckin rocked." I watched it again tonight , after watching Batman and Batman Returns last night. Messing around on google, and found quite a bit about sequels, with Christian Bale as […]

Have a Question On Netflix

I wana get the $9.99 plan which u can then rent 1 dvd at a time. But this is what im crurious in. For the boxsets… If a boxset like "24", season one has 6 Disc’s, when I want to rent it will it sent me each disk seperatly or will it sent me all […]

anyone see rounders???

i just have to say thats on the list of my top 5 favorites of all time………… great movie and great story lineThat’s the one about poker with the guy from Fight Club and the guy from Bourne Identity, right? I suck at remembering names right now. If so, then yes, and it’s awesome. So […]

teach me how to convert a dvd to avi

tried, i just get a list of what looks like spyware clad programsare you trying to rip a dvd, then make it a avi. or do you already have it ripped, and just need to convert it? are you trying to rip a dvd, then make it a avi. or do you already have it […]

Which movie is better?

Which movie is better…The Family Stone or Rumor Has It???I liked the Family Stone slightly better. Claire Danes was very nice eye candy. Family Stone B- Rumor Has It C+ LMFAO@ this response

Annapolis with James Franco

the more i read and hear about Annapolis, the more psyched i am to see it. I remember seeing the preview before Jarhead and thinking it might be cool, but then a friend of mine who’s into boxing said the movie was not only about Annapolis and how hard it is there, but also the […]

Mirror Mask

Has any one eles seen this? I watched it last night. It was visualy stunning. The story was classic. I suggest every one go see was out of the theaters here before i had a chance to go see it alas, i wait (until i find it on torrent) I didn’t want to give […]

Good Romantic movie?

Well, my girlfriend wants to get a nice romantic movie for valentine’s day. (I’m not exactly excited about it… but it’ll mean so I guess it’s worth it) I told her I’d get one through netflix… but my question is… what do you guys suggest? I’ve seen notebook so I don’t really want to get […]

Flex and Zephyr

anybody else heard of this? Is it on TV? They’re like Tubbs and Crockett from Miami Vice, but animated. And metrosexual. But cool…..