The Pretender…who remember?

Does anybody remember this serie?? It used to be my favorite tv serie. It’s the story of Jarod, a boy-genius taken from his family as a child. Jarod possesses the ability to quickly learn and impersonate different jobs and occupations. Now, as an adult, Jarod sets out to find his family. Along the way, he […]

review my screenplay

I’m taking a theater class and I had to put this screenplay in proper format. I think I did it right, but if anyone has any experience with screenplay writing and could tell me if I missed anything I would appreicate it. will be temporarily unavailable for a short period of time while we […]

Eddie Murphy- Delerious

You can’t. But what I did was download a rip from VHS and then burned that to DVD.Sure you can. They have a DVD copy @ my nearest video store. Try online:

Is King Kong a disappointment?

Obviously it’s making money, but not the kind of money that was expected. Wednesday it was defeated at the BO by Narnia (a stronger performer) so what do you think…has Kong been a disappointmentI cant think of a more anticipated movie than Narnia so it beating king kong is no surpriseYou shouldn’t let box office […]

Question about Asian Horror movies?

Are Asian horror movies in English? I’ve been very biased on purchasing any of these because I’m afraid of what I’ll get. I’ve seen good reviews on movies such as: Ichi The Killer and Audition, but they never said if they were in a different language. If so, are they dubbed in engligh like "High […]

MOVIE CREW: Who’s seen Irreverisble?

Easily one of the most fucked up, disturbing, and utterly hardcore movies I’ve ever seen. It invokes such an emotional and physical response, I just don’t know how to descibe it. I think you’d have to be brain dead to not want to turn violent or get even slightly sick while watching it, especially if […]


I posted about this in the main forum, but had to recommend it here. It’s a great flick and chances are you probably haven’t even heard of it. I wasn’t expecting much going into it because it seemed like it was just a low budget no-name straight to video type movie but it turned out […]

ATTN: Chuck Norris Fans

I have been trying to identify a movie i caught the ending to on TV one time when i was way younger. This is the only thing I remember about the film but it stood out so maybe someone can help me identify: Near the end of the move, Chuck Norris stabs a guy with […]

Online Movie Rentals (netflix, etc)

Which one is the best in your opinion? Why? (Price, selection, #of movies at a time, etc) there’s sites comparing netflix v blockbuster… only tried netflix and it was decent.All I’ve used is Blockbuster, seems decent and the coupons are nice.We’ve had Netflix and it wasn’t bad. Movie turn-around was very quick. NetFlix + DVD […]

Hustle & Flow

Heard of this movie? Pimp wants to become a rapper, ends up making it big. I’m pretty intrigued because Terrence Howard is in it, and he’s a pretty dope actor. The trailer and the clips I’ve seen from the movie online look pretty good, although it won a lot of film festival awards and I’ve […]