List your DVDs….

1) The Cell 2) T2 3) Fight Club 4) American Pie 5) Scary Movie 6) Road Trip 7) Mi-2 8) Gone in 60 seconds 9) Friends ( Top 10) 10)Predator btw i bought my dvd player like 2 months ago showoff —————— 2020 – Bling Bling 2020 models of those cars!!! OFFICIAL OT DESI CREW […]

Cameron Has Two Sci-Fi Films in the Works



I didn’t see any thread for Sopranos yet which was surprising. Tonights premier was shocking to say the least. Well we all know Tony isn’t dead but still it was shocking enough. All i can say is welcome back Sopranos. In the 2 years of absense ive gotten hooked on 24 (which also just had […]

Brokeback Mtn.

If we see it, will there be nekked man butt in it ? Im not homophobe but i was afraid that this movie will be queer eye for the straight guy. Saw it, loved it. Its not until 30 minutes before the movie ends where you just fall in love with the movie. Acting was […]

"My name is Domino Harvey. I am a bounty hunter."

A few of my friends and I rented it last night, and we were blown away by this film. I new going in I’d enjoy it, but I had no idea how well the cinematography and after effects were going to be. This film must have taken a lot of work to give it that […]

Best ending to a movie…

Road to Perdition Master and Commander Saving Private Ryan Good Night and Good Luck Gladiator Batman BeginsLost in Translation Memento =) any movie with a hero dying in the end = good movie.Usual Suspects Casablanca Color of Money To name a coupleclockwork orange…. prime minister feeding alex while telling him what to do = Gladiator […]

The 40 Year Old Virgin

A little long but pretty funny. The hair waxing scene was hilarious, you could see all the other actors cracking up.The movie was a little to long. I found myself ignoring the comedy because my rear began to go numb. Loved the bookstore scene, waxing, and listening to the two friends argue about why eachother […]

16 Blocks

I went and saw this today and I was expecting something much worse. While I was pleasantly surprised, that doesn’t mean it was that great. It winds up being a lot like the film The Gauntlet which starred Clint Eastwood. Basically, an older cop is sent on an errand to transport the witness of a […]

Hitler: The Rise of Evil

I sat and watched the entire mini-series on DVD yesterday and I must say I was both impressed and appauled. I don’t know if the TV movie was historically acurate but I just can’t get over the fact that they let Hitler rise to power so easliy. A close friend of mine said "he gave […]

Der Untergang – Downfall

Anyone else seen this movie? It’s the movie about Hitler’s last days I loved it. When the ruskies were bombing Berlin, the whole movie theater shook hellll yeah..i saw this movie when it first came out here. great movie is all i can say.This movie is great. Long, but I never got bored. They did […]