Ice Age 2.

Completely overrated, but there was a teaser trailer for the Simpsons movieDo you have kids? If so, how old? Did they not like it? (just wondering because a have 2 little girls)The first one was funny, so I can’t wait to see this second installment. Now I just have to find the time to go.My […]

A Scanner Darkly

Has anyone else seen the trailer for this? It’s based on a novel and the style of the film looks incredible! The cast looks solid (Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Wynona Ryder, Rory Cochrane) and it’s in theatres July 7th, 2006. Definitely going to see it. Check out the trailer here: Is this […]

The Wild

im not the biggest fan of animated films, but i saw the trailer for The Wild and thought it was pretty funny. The comedian eddie izzard does the voice of the koala and william shatner (denny crane!) is doing a voice too, so me and my nephew can both be happy. pique anybody else’s interest?

Big Love

Who else caught it after Sopranos? It looks like it could be interesting. makes me wanna be a morman kinda Same here. I’ve been watching it. It’s interesting but isn’t good enough to fill the hole of Six Feet Under Deadwood on the otherhand can.

Bettie Page or Scary Movie IV

Bettie page, but from the reviews it more a bio flick than a raunch fest… me too, but reviews make it sound lame. I need some fire in my pinup movies.are the wayans brothers even involved in sm any more? The 3rd one wasn’t R, and didn’t seem like it so I didn’t bother watching […]

I’m partial to jolly ranchers myself. (Hard Candy)

Anyway, I pretty much never post on OT, but it’s 2AM and I’m bored. Has anyone seen hard candy? It’s playing in "select theaters" which pretty much translates into "haha, you wish" for someone in the midwest. The reviews are pretty positive from what I’ve heard, and the subject is interesting enough. not playing here […]

movie trivia anyone??

i like scenes and actors…….. im not good with movie quotes so dont askWho was selling magazines door to door in Office Space? Hint: He was named after a Florida city & an addiction.Who is the only actor to be killed by a Terminator, an Alien, and a Preditor?Was this answer right? If anyone is […]

MTV Movie Awards Nominations

… aaaaand they’re out… get ready for the most pointless, self-absorbed awards show of the year! i’m sure i’ll watch…

American Dreamz

Anybody see this? Came out yesterday, and I just got asked if I want to go see it.Ok so I saw it anyway. It was pretty funny. Nothing amazing though.dunno…kind of turned me off from the beginning being that prior to the release there was so much talk about how this was somewhat of a […]

The Simpsons….movie?

^^^ thats a link to, showing the trailer to the simpsons movie. thoughts?its taken em a while to come out w/ a movie, so hopefully it isnt mediocre crap..if i were to end the simpsons, it would be in their first (and threfore last) movie. it should have ended atleast 4 seasons ago