Grayson (2004)

Hey, I’m looking for Grayson — indie film about Robin picking up the war on crime after Batman is murdered. Anyone have it/know where i can get it – it doesn’t seem to be on any torrent listing website. thanks in advanced. Hey, I’m looking for Grayson — indie film about Robin picking up the […]

Transporter 2

Great action, good characters, but some of the most unbelievable stunts ever seen. In one scene he does a 360 jump in his Audi to scrape a bonb off his undercarriage. The best part of the movie for me was the tall blonde female killer, a great mix of Pink & a young Brigette Nielsen.but […]

good spy movie?

has there ever been a good spy movie? i mean at least as good as "Pirates of the caribbean" I think he meant that he wants to watch a spy movie that is good compared to Pirates of Carribean as a movie in general. Spy Game was pretty good.

ong bak 2 or wutever its called

finally got around to seeing it .. once again .. tony jaa is the fucking man .. when he kicks out the street lightjust saw this last night. i absolutely loved it!! will definitely check out some of his more recent films now.Yeah wait woah I just got the first one i like october, how […]

Who has seen the version of "War of the Worlds" by Timothy Hines?

I just saw it and can easily say that it is, by far, the worst movie I have seen in my life. It was so bad that I was laughing hysterically throughout most of it. If it was meant to be a comedy, I’d give it a 10/10 but, unfortunately, it was not meant to […]

The Ice Harvest

wasnt too bad. Pretty fucked up in a lot of places. Thought it was enjoyable. I need to read the graphic novel.I saw it in the theater and was a little disappointed that I paid 9 bucks to see it. Definately could of waited until video to see. Not a bad video.Good noire film, I […]

Inside man

Anyone see it yet? I liked it for the most part, but the ending seemed very anti-climatic. Anyone else agree?

Dark Kingdom

Have any european OTers seen this already? It comes to the states this week, can’t wait to see Loken in it. I even liked bloodrayne, soley because of her.I watched it last night, i thought it was pretty good!yeah, i saw it 2 nights ago and it was rockin’ out. to it

Lord of War

Such a good movie i wonder why it got a bad rating. What is supposed to be a funny catchy movie turns out to be a strong message. discuss.I liked it, but I am really into guns. My friends i saw it with were less impressed. I thought Nicholas Cage was much better in this […]

Stay Alive

Anybody else looking forward to this? I’m going to see it when it opens Friday and cant wait. Horror+Sophia Bush=recipe for success, imo….. i think it looks ridiculous, but should make money with all the 14 year olds that will flock to see it just like the when a stranger calls remake did. All of […]