Who is America’s Next "Sweetheart"?

this article kinda intrigued me: i love rachel mcadams… i hope she’s around for a long time. but amanda bynes?! what has she done that’s worthy of that recognition… "she’s the man"? doubtful. any other suggestions?all i have to say is that rachel mcadams is the hottest chick ever in the notebookLMAO i have to […]

Best Martial Artist?

Who is your favorite movie martial artist? I like Jackie Chan best, both for doing most of his own stunts, and the humor.Literally or moviewise? Literally: Mas Oyama Moviewise: Gordon LiuI think for the amount of movies he made and the ability he had at the time he died bruce lee undoubtedly.Sonny Chiba? I fogot […]


absolutely amazing, go see it. It is a perfect execution of a modern day film noir. And really a refreshing look into what movie’s should be. I was on the edge of my seat the entire hour and a half and found not one thing wrong with the movie. ill say it againg GO SEE […]

DIRTIEST movie you seen..

well if it’s not porn then technically i couldn’t give a soft core fuck at watching people have not real sex and faking it. porn is dirty cause you can do this while pretending you are actually doing this to some hot bitch.nothing like a good movie then a sex scene pops in.. hit 2 […]

Stick It!

Worst movie of the year for me so far! I kept feeling sorry for Jeff Bridges, like he had to be in this movie to avoid jail or something. He kept reminding me of the "Dude" in Big Lebowski.you obviously havent seen MI:III, i felt so sorry for hoffman he’s playing this perfect bad guy […]

Best Screen Plays of All Time

What do you all think are the best screenplays of all time. Here is what the Writers Guild thinks. Do you really think Godfather is better than Godfather II? I don’t think I do. And what is Network? The guild’s picks for the top 10 screenplays: 1. "Casablanca." 2. "The Godfather." 3. "Chinatown." 4. "Citizen […]

Old Topic but…

I recently watched Batman Begins. I don’t know if this was covered on the site but: Who do you think would make a good joker in the next movie? Crispin Glover /thread oh hell yeah

TV – anyone else catch The Texas Ranch House shows on PBS this week?

It’s part of their Hands On History "House" series. Like the Colonial house and 1800’s house and frontier house etc. I’d love to discuss it with people and get their views.I found it interesting. Anyone else think they have a tough time getting 21st century people to go along with 18th century mores? I love […]

New Superman Returns Trailer

This movie looks friggin’ awesome. Kevin Spacey looks awesome as Luthor. Can’t wait for this movie to come out!!this, and with the xmen 3 tv spots…Rogue taking some of Collusus power and turning metal, and FUCKING SENTINELS, im excited for moviesexcellent summer for movies it looks like, cant wait for superman returns got a link […]

Top 10 Movie Tech Innovations

In your opinion, what are the top 10 innovations made in the film industry throughout history. Things like CGI, bullet time, and surround sound come to mind for me.cgi is huge, everything is on a huge scale, now instead of trying to use some model or puppet or something they can just do whatever they […]