The Poseidon Adventure

Just wondered if anyone has seen this one yet. Is it as good as the first one?? I remember seeing the original as a kid- it was a really good one. I would just like to know if its worth a trip the theatres or should i wait for the dvd??i was stupid enough to […]

The Others

Anyone see and recommend this movie? I’m looking for a scary movie that will get the girl jumping and grabbing my arm when she’s scared. I heard The Others was good for this, any other movie recommends?Yes. This should work pretty good. One of my male friends screamed like a little girl. I think this […]


just bought this movie- I know its an old one, but still a great one- and was wondering if anyone had read the book. I would like to read it but just wondered if it was as good as the movie. I know that books are usually better because the movies leave things out. I […]

The Omen

I think it’s going to be awesome cant wait to see it later today! rotten tomatoes is hitting it pretty hard. I wanted to see Julia Stiles slumming and you have to love Rosemary Mia Farrow as Demian’s nursemaid.i remember seeing the first one as a kid– pretty scary stuff back then. the new one […]

spiderman 3 trailer NEEDED

is there a spiderman 3 trailer out on the net i haven’t found oneI don’t think there is one yet. It doesn’t even come out for almost another year.they’re still filming… don’t the previews usually come out when they are done filming and in the editing process? depends.

Movies that should not be RE-Made

transformers… its aparent its going to suck and there isnt even a trailer out yetAny classic that achieved five stars shouldn’t be remade. Some remakes can be close or even ‘decent’ at best, but never what the classic was.The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Fistful of Dollars For a Few Dollars More On IMDB, […]

Superman Returns Online Stuff

For anyone who’s interested in superman, I found some cool links for downloads and just fun stuff: – this has wallpaper for your cell phonejust so you know, the movie comes out June 28th, they changed the date.Definately found some even greater stuff: exclusive itunes clip: &s=143441 Superman on myspace: Lex on myspace:

Ultra Violet

Just saw it last night.. worst movie ever… I love action comic book type superhero movies. I normally even look past the flaws in the story line. But seriously.. I feel like taking the movie producer to court and sueing them for my wasted time…It was entertaining. Milla looked hot in that skin tight outfit. […]


For all you Jet Li fans, it is his new movie. It was badass. I will definitely watch it again.

Spoof comedies

What are your favorite spoof comedy movies? I like the police academy, naked gun movies. I think the Scary movie series are really good as well. I was actually surprised by how funny the 4th movie was. I think it was funny enough to check out the special edition balls, robin hood:men in tights, […]