Waist Deep

Just saw it, and I thought it was going to suck, but it was good Sort of predictable, but it all ties together really well and the end, well…let’s just say I And Megan Good is and so is TyreseI have been wanting to see that but I’m scurred it would suck

spiderman 3

anybody tell me what the name of the black suit is- for the life of me i can’t remember. I know its an alien suit. It’s not Venom. Venom is the name of the creature that Eddie Brock becomes when he gets the "black suit." As far as I know the suit’s always been referred […]

Few questions about Syriana…

Loved the movie, but some of the stuff had me confused. Here it goes: Who exactly was Bennett, and who was the guy that picked him up in the limo, Don? When Bennett had the meeting with the Connex CEO (where he refuses the drink), was he ratting out his boss to give the Justice […]


Desporado is a great movie. I liked the relaxed pace of the movie, that it has style, good dialogue, humor and nice action. I also like the stereotypes, the good guy is manly and brave, the main girl is sexy, the bad guy is an asshole and the criminals look like criminals.I watched it last […]

need help picking movie

hey guys i have to pick a movie to write a paper on for a class it had to have come out within the last year or so, like 2005-2006 im having a hard time picking one b/c i need a good movie thats like meaningful so i can write a good paper on it […]

Drug Movies

Just curious what drug movies are out there that i need to add to my collection. Anyone think of any besides these? More Serious: Requim for a Dream Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Trainspotting Happy Stoner movies: Half Baked How High Harold and Kumar Human Traffic Go Jay & Silent Bob strike back Edit […]

POTC2: Dead Man’s Chest

comes out July 7. Is it too early to show love? Johnny Depp is a pimp. I dont normally get excited for non-R movies, but the first pirates was truly quality and im psyched to see this one too. me toomr. depp is probably in my top 10 list of people who’s lives i would […]

Superman Returns

Anyone excited about the movie? Personally I doubt I will see it. And did anyone else think the trailer was trying to link Superman with Christ?I am a huge Superman fan and although I am a bit skeptical about the new one ever since I’ve heard about it, I’m still excited. I just hope it […]

Looking for a movie from a quote

The qote like is "listen do you smell that" I have been racking my brain for hours trying to remember what the movie is. Anyone have an idea? Ghost Busters (1984) Dr Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) : "Listen! Do you smell something?"


Anyone excited about this movie? I may see it, but the story looks really stupid. And it has to be a letdown after "Incredibles".Incredibles was great, I am hoping Cars is funny – Owen Wilson should do a good jobI saw an advance screening last week and it was awesome. Like A+ awesome, and I […]