Now THIS is how the Transformers teaser should’ve been. Michael Bay knows I’m right.

Kinda short but still waaaaaaaaaaay better than the Mars Beagle version. Original thread (check out the Cullen version FTW).

Clerks II

Awesome, see it immediately, but only if you are a fan of the original movie. And to make it even better watch the first one before you see the second Clerks. Nice to see that things haven’t changed with Dante & his friends, just their jobs.i enjoyed it, but along with the first movie, i […]


It’s a new showtime original series, Brotherhood tells the story of two brothers who sometimes share a twisted sense of moral compromise

Gambling or Gaming movies?

Anyone reccomend any good gambling movies? I like poolhall junkies, and currently have croupier, casino queued up on netflix. Anyone reccomend anything else? I also saw high roller – the stu ungar story. I thought it was alright, I thought little stu’s acting was terrible though.shade is pretty good for a poker movie. Kinda out […]

A scanner darkly

Anyone seen it yet? Is it anything like waking life?I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m planning on it. Movies that depict a totalitarian society have also appealed to me (read, 1984 by Orwell). Philip K Dick is an outstanding author, and hopefully the movie will do him justice. The rotoscoping looks phenomenal as wellits […]

What about the indies??

Oscar race last year had a slew of em. Anybody liked: Scanner Darkly, Little Miss Sunshine, Half Nelson, Hard Candy, Southland Tales, A Praire Home Companion, The Desent… Any oscar predictions?Personally I think the art house flicks have been weak this year. Nothing to bring me downtown to the art houses. I guess we’ll see […]

Movie Title Help

This guy finds a woman living in a cabin alone she is very premitive and cannot read or write, I always think it’s helen hunt or jodie foster but I don’t think it is. Anyway they end up committing her to be studied, but the guy that finds her and his wife(I think) try to […]

Movie with mark mcgrath??

I remember watching a movie when i was younger and i cannot think of what the name is. It has Mark mcgrath and the rest of the members of the band Sugar Ray. I think this guys girlfriend leaves him for the band or something like that. I was just wondering if this rings a […]

Movie Help!!!

okay this is pretty far fetched…. but can anyone help me out. Im trying to figure out what movie it is heres the plot kind of this white guy i think its liev shreiver??? has a secret crush on his best friends girlfriend….the girl is a very attractive white girl but the white guys best […]

Gleaming the Cube

Gleaming the Cube DVD is finally up on newsgroups. Original Pioneer DVD release here is the nzb Enjoy mofo’s classic skateboarding movie corny 80’s movie with christian slater skateboarding,,,,,IT’s AWESOME (bad movie but still fun to watch)