Couldnt sit through Miami Vice

Big gunfight. Sonny’s GF gets really pissed that he is a cop so he puts her in the witness protection program.I couldnt sit through it either, downloaded it, watched 1/2 passively then something else was worth watching so I havnt gone back to finishcops and bad guys have big gun fight, cops kill bad guys, […]

Rocky Balboa Trailer

I wanna see it. Don’t really care how stupid it will probably be.

American Beauty

ahhh… its been a while since i have seen that. Someone decided they wanted my copy more than me and decided to take it. Well, it was on the 5.50 rack at Walmart so i picked it up again. I fucking love that movie. Its just so well written. I forgot that was an Alan […]

World Trade Center

I just watched the trailer for this and it looks absolutely amazing. I have never actually been moved by a trailer in my life until I saw this. The fact that this is true and looks absolutely incredibly filmed makes it even better. can’t wait to see you want me to tell you what […]

Is this a trailer for a movie?

hi fellas, i found —><— movie on several websites know and still dunno if it’s some kinda movie trailer, does any of you know? it’s pretty nice done, looks like even stuffed animal can get burned


Wow, I am getting excited for BEERFEST! The broken lizard guys are soooo hilarious – i laughed til i cried during supertroopers and i am hoping to do the same during BEERFEST! i’ll go see it, and i loved super troopers like every other person on the planet did, but let me remind you,,,,,,,Club Dreadclub […]


i would have never expected such a good movie out of Steve Martin. loved it!Very enjoyable. I could totally imagine Steve Martin being that emotionally distant in real life. I still want to read the book.after seeing shopgirl i talked to a friend of mine who said his writing is very enjoyable. aside from shopgirl […]

Drawing Restraint 9

Saw it last night, a few drawn out scenes but overall I loved it. IBwhatthefuckisthat? 5 views in over 24 hours… There was a 30 minute long scene of bjork and barney cutting eachothers skin on their legs and ripping the flesh off .I saw that with my gf a couple weeks ago at the […]


Wow, this preview looks awesome, and Statham action movies have never dissapointed me. I hear it has a great sex scene too.I thoguth the movie might be as good as the Transporter movies, but it was actually better. Jason was great as a guy trying to amp up. I loved Amy Smart as his clueless […]

crime story

season one and two waitng at home for me. BUy one get one sale.