Me, You, and Everyone We Know

this film was amazing to me. i wasn’t expecting much when i decided to watch it and it blew me away

check it out if you are a fan of the documentary.. (30 days)

it’s done by the guy who did supersize me, and done with a similar style. the premise is that each episode someone spends 30 days living in some situation that’s foreign to them, yet the way others live every day. If you didn

What are some good asian movies

i fell asleep 15 min into it. or island people who think they know everything.

this is a badass action movie from 2002-2005.. somewhere there…

i need help figuring which movie this is. last shot. no i am not mixing up movies and no it is not a tv movie. between 2002-2005, action movie could be a little older like very late 1990s white guy young, middle late 20’s to early 30’s average dude is mistaken for an undercover agent […]

DreamGirls with Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson

keep hearing a lot about this movie — anybody else interested in seeing this?

The Dark Knight

I was on imdb and looked up the next batman movie to see what if there is any new info about it. And was shocked by what i saw… Heath Ledger is gonna be the joker. I think they need to rethink this. I really can’t think of any roles he has played that would […] any good?

I was looking for something like Netflix in Canada and I found this site: However I’m a little wary about this site since I’ve never heard of it before. Does anyone use them? If so, tell me how their customer services are, if they got a good selection, and how long does it take for […]


So anybody see this movie? I thought it was pretty tight. A tad predictible IMO but still good.i just DL’ed and watched it last night… not even worth a DL in imoeven though the open tryout appeared quite early in the movie, the whole movie seemed too slow… and disappointing if you’re a football fan […]

Leon – The Professional

Rockin movie, what more can you say?! In my opinion, it ranks among the top movies to own. first time i ever read someone say this about that movie! yes, a must see!Very enjoyable, but some of the scenes with Natalie as a sexual predator were very creepy!


I love Sneakers. Who loves it? I saw it with my best friend at the dollar theater and I fell in love with it. It’s fun and it has one of the best endings to any movie. It’s witty and clever and I think I might watch it right now. ha.Yeah… I love the movie. […]