Blade Runner: Director’s Cut

So I just picked up the ‘new’ Blade Runner: Director’s Cut DVD. It’s remastered and a bare bones disc until the

Transformers Movie

Coming out July 4th, 2006, says Here’s a short trailer What do you guys think? It’ll probably be corny…but it’s TRANSFORMERS! Man, when I was younger, I was all over Beast Wars.Personally, I can’t wait. Don’t care if it is corny or not. One of my all time favorite movies is Masters Of The Universe… […]

Classic Burlesque Film

I found this interesting rare film … Classic Burlesque – Chinese Joy Fan Dance An oldie but a goodie. Kinda exotic. Promoting a long-gone nightclub, the Follies Bergere, in 1940’s NYC. Check it out. There are a whole bunch of vintage films there, at .

I just watched The Weatherman

Kind of slow, but Michael Caine kills me Did you know her colleagues call her "camel toe"? It means the crease in her vagina which they can discern through her clothing. The weirdest thing is I’ve been trying to figure out where I had seen the whole "camel toe" thing. After reading this post I […]

Jackass – Johnny Knoxville

The star of Jackass: Number Two gives a list of his favorite songs. He also says Johnny Cash makes him cry, and he runs like Judy Garland. Knoxville is definitely insane… and probably coked out.. but he has a few bucks and the movies are funny in that "kick in the balls" kind of way. […]

Pusher 3

Anyone have an English subtitle for this? Thought the first two where alright though a little dissapointing as they had a slower pace then what I had hoped for but watchable. Can’t find a fucking sub for the third one in English anywhere though.


This movie just went into my top 5, if I have a top 5… Wow! Check it out if its your style movie then you will love it!I wish I liked the movie more then I did. The highschool setting would bug me now and then. Worth a watch though.I was very disappointed. It really […]

Nip Tuck DVD

do any of you happen to know when this DVD is supposed to be released, I have bene waiting for what feels like 10 years!! I need it now, anybody who can get me some help on this subject it would be greatly appreciatedIt is currently out. Google is your friend buddy. I am getting […]

Last Kiss/New Zach Braff Movie

the previews are pretty awesome and Garden State is one of my favorite flicks. Anybody think this one is gonna be just as good?Not as good as Garden State, but I will see it. It is based on an Italian movie.The Italian movie was great. I liked it better than the script for Garden state, […]

The Hill on Sundance Channel

anybody else looking forward to this tonight at 9? There was a good article in the paper this morning about it…looks awesome. anybody else looking forward to this tonight at 9? There was a good article in the paper this morning about it…looks awesome.