Deja Vu

I liked it. Totally went above and beyond my expectations.Denzel doesn’t even act anymore, the guy just plays himself and gets paid for it, genius true. but i liked him in this anyway so I still think that Training Day is his best role. That movie kicked so much ass.

Just Finished Heavenly Creatures

At the recomendation of OT I checked out this flick. It wasn’t as good as the hype around it. In fact it wasn’t good period. It’s only redeeming qualities lie in the fact that there are lesbians and that it’s based on a true story. I personally felt that it was dragged out, and the […]

(Sympathy for) Lady Vengeance

sorry if there is a thread already…I can’t search right now I really enjoyed this movie. My girl is adopted, so I found a sort of farfetched relevance in it.i recently saw oldboy,and would like to watch this and the other one.I have seen all 3 of the "revenge series" Oldboy, Sympathy for mr. vengeance […]

Bobby ?

anyone see it ?? its not playing at my local theatre .. so i gotta go find one .. looks pretty interesting ..yeah, i’ve heard they could have had something, but sort of missed i’ll probably see it anyway

The Third Man

OMG how did I put off seeing this movie for so long. @ the luscious B&W alone.The soundtrack is great too. Everyone should see this, at least everyone interested in appreciating movies made before 1980.Bought it when it came out on disc. One of the classicsthanks man, had a look at the wiki. i’ll definitely […]

The Great Dictator: Chaplin’s Speach

Video: The words he speaks still rings true today. Chaplin a true genius whose wisdom will never die.

Stranger Than Fiction

I saw the sneak tonight and I was impressed. Going in I was worried that they didn’t have enough story for a complete movie. And I only like Will Ferrel in small doses. Well it worked. Will was kept in check by the director and the story built up very well. And the best part […]

The Greatest Martial Arts Moments

hey, sad that this forum doesnt has its own Martial Arts Section, but well.. To every fan, and every want to be, here is the coolest galerie of martial art Scenes ever put on film..and how this guys from maxim put it: Thanks for the link. I’ve seen most of those movies and I agree […]

The Holiday

GF wants us to go see this when it opens next weekend. On the myspace page I saw there is a contest to win a dream vacation. Should I make a video that is really creatify or kind of a sob story and go for the pity vote? Sob story. I saw the sneak Saturday […]

Notes on a Scandal

Thanks to "Very Short List" I got informed about this abolutely great movie that will be at the end of the year. Read through it and watch the trailer. I always liked Cate Blanchett, but in this deep and powerfull movie she shows one of her best acting ever. As well as Judi Dench. Can´t […]