Flushed Away? Supposed to be really good…

Hanging out with my nephew this weekend and thinking about checking this out. I liked Cars a lot and from what i’ve read this is supposed to be good too. Anybody else interested in seeing this? supposedly it’s going to perform better at the box office than most others this weekend too —It looks way […]

The BEST worst Movies EVER

hey, after i red the thread about the funniest movies ever, i found this site with the 13 worst movies ever put on film.. they reminded me on some of my worst time in a cinema. Specially the Anaconda one..eahhh what do you all think? what movie is missing? i hated "The Convent" when i […]


Anyone going to see any of these films this weekend? They are in a theater close to me, so i will check a few out. Can’t wait Wow i saw unrest, not scary at all, kind of funny actually.Closest theater is 200 miles away for me…hope you all enjoy!!

Friday the 13th.. series.

Okay well the past 5 nights I’ve watched them, and I know im a bit late but what bugs me is the same storyline is in everyone of them. Jason "suposadly" dies at the end of one, then comes back to life by some stupid teens digging him back up. Obviously its one of the […]

SAW 3 — do you care?

see these posters? isnt it for real? wont be be scared from those dirty teeth? give me a break! i was so pissed by saw 2 and i dun expect anything new from saw 3. anyway you can find tons of trailers saw 2 was awesome. i bet you were one of the faggots that […]

I’m watching John Tucker Must Die

shut up, you know you’d be all of the white chicks and even Ashanti you fucker engrish

Robert Altman Dies 11/21/2006

Best movies? 1) M*A*S*H 2) Short Cuts 3) The Player Best movies? 1) M*A*S*H 2) Short Cuts 3) The Player I just saw Short Cuts for the first time last night.. great movie. I was thinking about how great it was today, and then he up an dies. Weird

Good sitcoms this this season…?

Just wondering if i’m missing any good new shows? I caught a show that almost went under my radar, Ted dansons new show, Help me Help you on abc. I love the dark humour of the show, its also got guest cameos/appearences in every episode so it’s cool to spot someone you know from another […]

Hard Candy

Good movie, not great but good. Watch it! this movie was amazing. has anyone seen it? did she actually go through with the procedure or was she just showing him a tape?she went through with it, because she puts them through the sink disposal after yeah it definitely seemed that way.. blood and all too.. […]

For Your Consideration

Not Guest’s best movie, in fact his worst. Just not enough good gags & boring. Best part was Fred Willard & his FauxHawk. I still think Catherine O’Hara deserves Oscar consideration for her role as the aging, movie star who only wants recognition. In a role that mimic Geraldine Chaplins best efforts of the 40’s, […]