Casino Royale…

Just saw the new trailer of Casino Royale…Its slick. I bet Daniel Craig will do a very fine job and this movie will be a blockbuster… Watch it here Nice. Can’t wait for that one. Craig definitely has a new look for Bond, but I think it works.While I’m a moderate Bond fan I’m boycotting […]

Saw Taladega Nights last night….

Anyways.. anyone else seen it yet? What did you think. It’s no Old School or Zoolander.It was alright. Too much hype. I’d rather see Days of Thunder for the 10th time then watch this again was funny, but nothing special.


Another Nick Love film OUTLAW…… a very controversial film of the year… Since Sean Bean is one of the cast in this film, this will be the most explosive film this march…. ohhh …I love Sean Bean film… when will be the official release of his coming film OUTLAW?


CLASH BAND…? JOE STRUMMER…….. Legacy Recordings Announces the release of "JOE STRUMMER:THE FUTURE is UNWRITTEN: The album of music from the acclaimed new film from director Julien Temple.. Is it the real story of Joe Strummer? one of the Clash member in 70’s?

Danny Dyer

Are you fun to watch the Danny Dyer film? Remember his movies the Human Traffic and The Business? the two films are such a good film since he is versatile good actor… well, here is another film he had this coming march…the OUTLAW… directed by Nick Love… and listen the interview of the three good […]


It could have been a lot better, but it still had me shaking when the wife was shot. I wouldn’t know how to handle it, if it was a real life situation.Just saw it, that movie was crazy. I feel like I need to talk to someone about the movie, it’s so was pretty […]

Friend does crazy eating stunt

my buddy ate a shot of 1.5oz of salt, followed by a packet of ramen chicken flavoring (bouvillon), u can guess the outcome


A serial killer is cutting an equation into the victims corpse.And loveones of the victims have been brutally tortured are tormanted and suicidal… Another horror film directed by Tom Shankland… I love horror flick film…this WAZ must be my number one film I should watch this year…

Children of Men

i don’t have a sub, sorry if it’s a repost but i didn’t see it on any of the first 5 pages. first of all, i love clive owen, he’s an awesome actor. lionsgraphic included a review of the movie in his 5 mini reviews and i’ll agree with him on everything he said. the […]

Little Miss Sunshine

I liked it. An amusing road trip, a cross between National Lampoon’s Vacation and Grapes of Wrath. An extended family of very quirky characters that are great in a movie but would drive you insane living with them.The sex-advice heroin-addled Gramps was great, but everything else was kind of tame, and the ending was catastrophic. […]