Thank You For Smoking

It’s in limited release right now. Not around here though Just hit Denver this week. I loved it. I give it four out of five nicotine patches! I liked its emphasis on personal freedom. Everyone knows by now that cigarettes are unhealthy, so people only have themselves to blame if they get addicted.yeah i wanted […]

Grindhouse Tribute: Good/Bad 60’s & 70’s Movies

In this thread, you will list some of your favorite "bad" movies from this period. Death Race 2000 would be my first choice, Carradine & Stallone racing acroos the country in theme style cars & costumes getting awarded points for running over peds etc. Escape From New York! I know some would think this isn’t […]

So apperently someone wants to remake Escape from New York. :ugh:

IMDB has gotten a lot gayer with it’s IMDB pro bull shit. New Line Cinema has won the bidding war for the Escape from New York remake starring Gerard Butler (300) which we told you about a couple days back. Butler will play Snake Plissken, the one-eyed convict who must rescue the President of the […]

The Warriors

I just bought the DVD the other day and since then, I must’ve watched it four times. This movie is so badass and the soundtrack is KILLER. What more does a girl need in life?I love the dialogue too, all that talk about "wasting heads" and having to bop there way back haha, but you’re […]

Ghost Rider.

Saw this movie last night. I can only describe it as a 2 hour long saturday morning cartoon. The script and dialougue is fucking horrible. I was debating walking out, the only thing that kept me interested was seeing my hometown Melbourne, being used as the locations. Seriously the fight scenes are incredibly short and […]

Super Troopers = Not Funny.

i agree it’s overrated by OT, but i still found it funnyi had the misfortune of seeing it once…..horrible movieThe two parts of the movie that made me laugh, The Johnny Chimpo cartoon, and "That plane has Canadian markings!"

Lucky Number Slevin

Anyone seen this? I thought it was pretty good. Although obvious the twist at the end was quite good. Anyone seen this? I thought it was pretty good. Although obvious the twist at the end was quite good. I thought it was decent.. it played out very well.

Screenplay Ronin

Do some of you know where I can get the screenplay of the movie Ronin? That movie with Robert de Niro. Because I want to know how they wrote the car chasing scenes.

Pat v. Ween

one of the stupidest movies ever made that was still relatively good…and of course WEEN. awesomeness

I can think of 300 reasons…

Since there’s already a 300 thread for people who haven’t seen it or still want to see it, I’m starting one for the people like me who have and those wondering if it’s worth it. I’ll preface this by saying I was really looking forward to this movie. I love badass fight movies. I own […]