I thought this was a great film. Not one for a first date, but definitely one to think about. Does anyone know where I can get the song that plays during the closing credits (called Happiness, and its by Michael Stipe & Rain Pheonix)? I can’t find it anywhere.It’s actually an Eytan Mirsky song originally. […]

Severance – "As witty as Shaun of the Dead, as scary as The Descent"

The first trailer came online today and the second quote on the poster really caught my attention. "As witty as Shaun of the Dead, as scary as The Descent" that’s alot to live up to. The director is Christopher Smith, who directed Creep. It’s being released in UK theaters on August 25th, but there are […]

Greatest exploitation flick?

Any film from ’55 to ’82. Vanishing Point Disco 9000 (own a 16mm print) The Super Cops (also a 16mm print) (And then there’s always GRINDHOUSE!)I cant think of just one, but heres some that I like a lot… Ilsa Shewolf of the SS H.G. Lewis movies (the gore gore girls, blood feast, the wizard […]

28 Weeks Later

I wonder how this one will compare to 28 Days Later, that was a pretty cool movie that not a whole lot of people remember. Anyone know if it’s got any of the same cast or writers? 28 Days Later wasn’t even a real zombie movie. It was some artsy pos about what uncontrolled anger […]

Jessica Alba in the movie ”Sin City”

prolly gonna have to see this. I like jessica and Frank soo… This movie is going to be absolutely awesome, and having her in it doesn’t hurt either. I just read an article about it in EW. It is now a must see movie. Rosario, Clive, Frank, Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino. It may not […]