DVD Box Set Question

Can someone please explain to be the difference between: DVD 5-Disc Set Side By Side vs DVD 5-Disc Set Back To Back? I’m trying to purchase "The Office" and I don’t know which one to pick: well…. i think ive got the answer for you flip over the side by side one and then it […]


opens tomorrow! i think this movie looks awesome. sounds like a good thriller. between this and transformers shia might be in my favorite movies this year.I’m intrested in seeing it. Don’t know about it being a favorite of the year becuase there is so much good shit coming out this year. I can’t wait for […]

I can’t believe Hostel II is being made

As if the first one wasn’t bad enough. I only watched the first one because of QT’s exaggerated claims that it was going to be the goriest movie ever. It failed at even that. If it wasn’t for the tits it might have been the first movie I ever walked out on.Something we agree on. […]