Seeing classic film in Houston

So, due to job reasons I’m having to leave Toronto and will move to Houston for a few years. Movies are among the many things that I need to sort out: in Toronto, there’s quite a number of arthouse/historic cinemas, which I love and frequent. I have no idea what this scene is like in […]

Favorite Movie Directors?

My favorite is Paul Thomas Anderson, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, & Punch Drunk Love. My other favorites are Scorsese, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, & Taxi Driver. I also like Cronenberg, what a brilliant, twisted imagination he has.Meh, very hard question i guess Spielberg, just grew up with his flicks. Also his movies never look boring because of […]

Funniest Movies Ever

What do you think are the funniest movies of all time? Here are a few of my nominees: Airplane The Naked Gun Blazing Saddles Sixteen Candles Booty Call History of the World Part I Young Frankenstein Mean Girlsshit that’s tough, you can never remember em all when trying to metion a few you’ll be reminded […]