DOA: Dead or Alive Guilty Pleasure?

Looks to me like it might be the most unintentionally funny movies of the summer. amirite? Jamie, Earl’s ex, as an action hero? I watched it last night, it wasn’t as terrible as I thought’d it be, still incredibly stupid though.Definitely guilty pleasure – I saw it on Google Video a few months ago, and […]

Mr. Brooks

A good thriller about what if feels like to be an intelligent serial killer. How it is more of a addiction than a power trip. And while the subplot with Demi Moore started out slow, it was interesting to watch the interplay with her & Costner. Dane Cook? Worst part of the movie.I reallllly liked […]


See that movie, it’s written/directed by Glennherry Glen Ross (spelled wrong I know) and it’s got fuckin good pacin, hardly ever boring…watch it when you’re high if you haven’t seen it…you should check it out, and i guarantee some scenes you won’t even see from a mile away. pretty good movie…but i wouldn’t buy it.