Oceans 13

does anyone know why i dont see julia roberts’ name in imdb. Did she not sign on for this one?There are some rumours that Brad Pitt’s GF will be in it. I know Julia Roberts was taking off some time. I want to see it.i liked the first one, but was a little disappointed with […]

Gonna see "Pirates" at midnight tonight

I’m thinking about dressing up as a ninja and smacking some of those kids aroundgonna see it tonight but I havent seen dead mans chest so im debating on not going to see it yet and watching pirates I and dead mans chest to catch up and then seeing it tomorrow.great flick. unfortunately i was […]


Anyone else seen it yet? Just got back from the sneak peak of this. It was pretty funny, better than I thought it would be. The short before the movie (like Pixar always has) was hilarious.Better than I thought it would be. I went with a culinary student and she says it was pretty close […]