Walk The Line

. So i just bought the movie at Wal-mart today, saw it for the first time, and all i can say is…i should have seen this movie in the theaters! It was EXCELLENT! At first i thought they would use actual songs played by Cash but Joaquin Phoenix and Reeese Witherspoon actually do the singing […]

SHARK WEEK 20th anniversary

On july 29 shark week will begin i watched the trailer and theres this scene that depicted a great white head on with a diver… can anyone get that pic for me wallpaper size? it would be great… and i dont know if this belong in this thread big mean creatures with giant razor sharp […]

a mighty shitty movie

just got back from a mighty heart….do not go see it i implore you 0 out of 5 stars Its the movie about Daniel Pearl. I didn’t even recognize Angelina Jolie in the trailer. lol, I thought you were talking about Evan Almighty. I doubt I plan to see either.

The Fountain

amazing film, i could barely breath toward the end it was so captivating. hmm.. i’ve been wanting to see it but i’m going to have to see it alone… i doubt anyone i know will be into it..Sweet! can’t wait to see it. Been waiting since early 06 And ya, I prolly will too