One of the best movies of the year imo. This is the first movie this year that didn’t lose my interest, even once until the credits, for most of it I forgot I was watching a movie, incredible. Pixar can truly make the most ridiculous of stories work. The animated short at the beginning was, […]

Song from the Godfather: Can anyone name the track when….

It is the orchestra track that is played right after Connie’s wedding and exactly starts when Tom lands in Hollywood. They only played about 4 measures of this song with no vocals. The song stops right when Tom steps into the Hollywood studio. It sounds like a Sinatra track but I’ve not been able to […]

1408 spoiler/plot hole thread

Ok we’ve all seen in. And there were a few WTF moments. My big ones. Who the fuck sent the post card saying "Don’t stay in 1408" When the wife pops back up on the web cam and says the cops are in the room was the really his wife? Or was it the room […]

What should i add to my queue?

Apocalypto The Deer Hunter Apocalypse Now Platoon Idiocracy Memento A Beautiful Mind 12 Monkeys The Bourne Supremacy The Pursuit of Happyness The Departed The Fountain City of God Pan’s Labyrinth Heat: Special Edition R