Transformers Movie Thread

GREAT movie!!! I’d go see it again, LOL. And Megan Fox Megan Fox was def hot in this movie but holy shit, I would totally see this movie again in the theatres. I’d probably want to see it this time at the Ultrascreen (couldn’t get tickets to that showing). But man, this movie made me […]

Anyone else get the new Hard Boiled DVD?

I think it’s great. I haven’t seen this movie in a really long time so it’s great that it’s finally gotten a proper release here in the US. Criterion released it way back but it wasn’t in print very long. I have no idea why it took so long to be released because it’s one […]

Simpsons Movie will top Harry Potter

Not interested in paying $10 to see a show that is on 4 times a day. But I will probably go see it with a couple friends who are very excited about it. They even patronize the converrted Kwikee mart in town. . I"m going to see it just for spider pig.


I saw some leaked footage that looked good but I can’t find it anywhere after they caught it. Anyone seen it or know where it can be found now? It looked good in my was that comic con footage. I saw it too somewhere Thanks a lot.


Starts like other movies where the hero goes into meltdown mode after his girlfriend dumps him, but redeems itself with some unique ideas, great cinematography & hot nude women. And since it is a British movie, it is a refreshing change from the typical Hollywood summer blockbuster. I give it four out of five cardboard […]

The Dark is Rising

anyone hear about this action/adventure coming out on October 5th? it looked good and when i did a google search i found something even more interesting. there is a reality web series about the movie producers making it. they are actually all interns that iTunes and MTV chose to film the click. they got a […]

Oh god not another Mr. Bean movie.

I got it for my neice to watch even she didnt like it shes 8 My 5 year old saw the commercial and wanted to buy it. I said, NO!

No movie can scare me at all

I can’t be scared by any movie anymore- even if watched at night. What’s the scariest movie you know of? maybe it’ll work on me… ps don’t bother saying The Ring or Exorcist or ShiningThe Ring? No one gets scared by that shit. Scream 1 is scarier than the ring, lol. Try I Spit On […]