Bourne Ultimatum

I liked it & I also like how a sequel actually tied up a couple of loose threads. The movie does make you a little nauseous with all the quick cuts. Spoiler Below: Do you think Nikki was lying about their past relationship, ala Memento?Let me be the first to say that the shakycam ruined […]


I thought it was pretty good, John Travolta’s character is pretty much a 2 hour long inside joke, especially the scenes with his husband Christopher Walken rofl. Good shit, although the racism was a bit excessive. 8/10I realize this thread has long been abandoned, but I really enjoyed Hairspray. I just left the theater very […]

Movies I've seen this summer

Ever since graduating from college i’ve been at home with nothing to do so I’ve gone on a movie watching binge. Here’s what I’ve seen: Movies seen this summer: -Casablanca A+ -Deliver Us From Evil A+ -One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest A+ -Some Like It Hot A+ -To Kill a Mockingbird A+

Movie site for movie lovers!

I have been looking for a movie site with only good movies, and now i finally found one. I am so tired of bad movies, so this is a tip for you guys who´s looking for the same thing that i did. Link to the page : IMDb Torrent have only movies who has a […]