Saw IV

Anybody else stoked to see this? I’ve always enjoyed the Saw movies; can’t wait to see what they come up with this time. Although, I don’t think they could top the needle pit in the second one. # Saw IV was given the greenlight before the third movie even opened. This was stated in Fangoria […]

The Golden Compass

i couldn’t find a very good plot summary for the movie, so go look around to see whats up. one of my all time favorite book series come to life. i cannot fucking wait, comes out this december just after my birthday.

Mirai Ninja???

I’ve been trying more and more to get into the Japanese film scene, and recently I stumbled on some stuff on ebay about this crazy robo-ninja film from the 80’s… I really can’t find ANY screencaps, but I did find some pics of character model kits: If anyone knows where I can get a torrent […]

What Movie?

I can’t remember the name of this movie but basic plot is that this couple goes into a hotel room where people have been murdered before and then they figure out that someone is watching them and taping them. I can’t remember any of the actors in it either. It came out on DVD maybe […]

how does the movie, "shooter" end?… V. SPOILERS (please)

i was only able to watch up until the part the president got shot by the machine rifle? and wahlberg is shot at by the fat local police officer who inevitably misses, which causes wahlberg to fall out the window… i just want to know how it ends and why they framed him ibfakeendingsHaven’t seen […]

Just saw NEXT w/ Nicolas Cage & Jessica Biel

This movie was awesom!!!!! I’m sure if I think hard enough about it I can figure out all of the things that were completely wrong about it & then I would hate it, but I really like it right now & that’s the way I think I’ll leave it. Anyway, I thought this movie was […]

The Kingdom

Just saw it, it’s pretty good, had a lot more humor than I thought it would though.I must say I was really impressed with this movie, it wasn’t was I was expecting at all. Well worth the $10.50 to see it .it just played at our campus theatre, i never saw it advertised

im gonna cry

lol…everyone in the movie will run around w/ gigantic golden afros.


Goddamn what a sad, depressing film The "happy ending" makes it almost sadder, because these things never end that way.

The 11th Hour

Went back a few pages and didn’t see a thread. Has no on from LA or NYC seen this yet? I’m planning on seeing it on saturday, was just wondering if someone’s viewed it and what the impression is.P.S. – * Trailer * <–clicky wasn’t this a kickass videogame from long ago? Sequel to the […]